The Big-A Gospel Headquarters was founded by my father, George Davis, Sr about 15 years ago, with the help of his wife, Sonia.  My father, brother, George, Jr., and I have used the Big-A on several different occasions to glorify God and bring whatever issues or concerns that need to be addressed, out to the forefront in society. We've had a host of programs to bring to light different issues like bullying, breast cancer, foreign relations and a host of other concerns that are important to us.  We call ourselves "Another Davis Production".

     About six years ago, I decided to put this website up so you could be a part of our ministry and get the opportunity to see how the Lord is working in the lives of so many people that we come across.  God will get the glory in whatever is done in His name.  My father taught us that if God doesn't get the glory, there is no need to push forward.  The Big-A Gospel Headquarters wants the Lord to use us in any capacity that He sees fit, as well as to reach out to individuals who may need assistance in one way, shape, or form.  At least once a year, I sponsor a community-based  event; reaching out to those who are in need and also reaching out to those who are willing to help those who are in need, to help offset the cost of the event.  

     A few years ago, the Big-A hosted an anti-bullying program.  It was a truly amazing event.  (click here)  In 2013, my husband and I had a Christmas celebration at a local restaurant in Middletown, CT. ‚Äč(click here)   In 2015, Another Davis Production hosted a gospel quartet program to honor the memory of William Archie Davis, a United States veteran and New England's greatest gospel quartet promoter.     (click here)